Trained Young Dogs and Working Companions

Finished Adult Dogs are Canine Companions that have finished training and conditioning and are immediately ready to work for a new handler and integrate into a new family. Working Service Dogs, Personal Protection Dogs, Emotional Support Animals, Therapy Dogs, and Family Companions are available on occasion and of varying breeds. If you don't see the type of dog you are looking for a Custom K9 can be trained for you. Contact me to learn more about working companions, pricing information, and program details.


AKC Labrador Retriever Male

  • Promptly retrieves ANY dropped object into an open hand.
  • Assists in the removal of clothing including jackets and socks.
  • Attentive to handler on and off leash, in any environment.
  • 100% House broken and crate trained.
  • Feather light on the leash, has superb manners.
  • Motivated and happy to work and play at all times.
  • Superior travel companion by car, bus, plane, or train.
  • Fully Obedience Trained

    Not only is Remington exceptionally motivated in training and enjoys learning assistance tasks, he is naturally calm, kind, and very in-tune with his handler. His training equips him for a wide range of roles. His character and temperament suggest he be a superb candidate for a child, teen, or young adult with a disability. 

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SOLD Minneapolis, MN
K9 Lacy: Personal Protection Dog, Mobility Assistance Dog,
TDI Certified Therapy Dog
German Shepherd Female     

SERVICE & SECURITY TRAINED K9 Lacy: This gorgeous girl is immediately ready to work for you or your family as an accomplished service dog, personal protection dog, and loving family companion. Professionally trained from puppyhood, Lacy is reliable and easy to handle at all times. She is an affectionate, well mannered pet that is also a fearless protection dog and dedicated service dog in any environment. She has been trained to alert to smoke detectors, is a superb travel companion, and a reliable sentry and guardian everywhere she goes. Lacy is great with children, other dogs, livestock, poultry, horses, and cats. She is certain to be a great asset to any household and lifestyle. In-person handling course and service and security equipment is included. Shipping is available. CLICK TO LEARN MORE

The most important requirement for all of the canines I offer for sale is that they possess excellent health and an appropriate temperament for their future as a pet or working dog.

From this foundation I develop the dog's workability and versatility for the tasks they will be appointed to. German Shepherd Dogs and Puppies are available from my breeding program. I have 1 litter per year typically in spring or summer.  
Other breeds are acquired from trusted breeder's programs in the USA. Training programs are limited in size to ensure each dog receives the dedication and personal attention necessary to guarantee a high level of training and continued reliability. 
Consistent one-on-one training and individualized conditioning is paramount to any dogs' success.

Young, Trained Dogs are available throughout the year & Fully Trained Adult Dogs are available occasionally. Contact me for availability.

All dogs on this page are available for pick-up, delivery, or can be shipped unless indicated as SOLD. This page is updated daily.

Custom K9 Training is guaranteed. All K9s are trained in English in the USA. 
Contact me today to learn more about any of the canines below. 434-326-2748