PERSONAL PROTECTION TRAINING- Lacy is a fun and easy to handle protection dog. She turns on and off flawlessly in any environment, under any distraction. She has a full mouth bite to back up her bark and means business in protection work. Lacy will quietly alert her handler to people approaching using a low growl. She will do this whether you are sitting in a parking lot, enjoying your lunch break at a park, lounging or napping at the beach, or standing at an ATM. Lacy is always watching. If ignored she will continue to alert until she is instructed further or if her target pulls out a weapon or otherwise acts aggressively. If instructed to engage prepare for a truly impressive show of force from this loyal and fearless girl. Lacy has been trained on a hidden sleeve, bite suit, and prosthetic arm. She targets the forearm and upper arm consistently but is also comfortable with leg bites. She will engage an intruder in a home, boat, car, warehouse, or territory. She will also engage the person sitting right next to you if you ask her to. Lacy is a well oiled machine that will only bite if you tell her to and she cannot be used against you. She possesses no handler aggression and is great for any level handler. Lacy is often used in client consultations and personal protection/security canine demonstrations.

TDI CERTIFIED THERAPY DOG - Lacy has been part of a Therapy Dog Team serving the local area by visiting assisted living facilities including those with mentally ill residents. She is always completely at ease, uninterested in the food all around, and completely un-phased by nebulizers, wheelchairs, walkers, or erratic behaviors. Reliably obedient and gentile she enjoys being pet anywhere and loves a little ball toss and politely drops the ball the patient's lap. The next step for Lacy in therapy work would be a certification as a disaster relief dog. To be certified with her new handler she will need to be re-evaluated with her new handler. She is expected to easily pass any therapy dog certification but make sure she is certified by an organization that does not exclude attack trained canines.

NATIONALLY REGISTERED SERVICE DOG- Lacy is nationally registered as a Mobility Assistance Dog. She is large enough to "Post" and support a fair amount of weight, pulling, or bracing either on her harness, collar, or body, but is also sized appropriately to comfortably lay under a chair, table, or under your feet on a bus, plane, or train as described by federal requirements for all service animals. Lacy will pull you up the stairs, up a hill, or will pull you in a wheelchair with the command to "Walk On". Lacy has been trained to wait for her handler, step by step going up and down stairs, rocky, uneven terrain, and even curbs. She is very sensitive to collar pressure, especially around these environments and although always in-tune to her handler, she is even more so in these situations and will either take steps as her handler does, or if her handler is holding onto the harness will be slightly ahead if instructed to be. Lacy loudly and reliable alerts to smoke detectors that aren't always heard by people with poor hearing or in multi leveled, expansive homes. Lacy has been trained to retrieve absolutely any item dropped or indicated by her handler with a point and the command to "Bring it". She has a very gentile mouth when retrieving "people items". Although registered as a mobility service animal she is also a perfect candidate for an emotional support animal. Lacy has been trained and her skills tested in crowds, at concerts, stadium baseball games, seminars, meetings, in restaurants, at horse shows, fairs, parades, escalators, elevators, and rail. Upon purchase Lacy will be nationally registered and ready to accompany you anywhere immediately.

Price includes health certificate, in-person handling course, service dog registration, gear and equipment.