V Universal Sieger
Ayk vom Horrenwinkel
 IPO3, PDC, PSA 1, Kkl-1

HD fast normal, ED normal OFA DM Clear
DOB: 06/2010

2015 GSDCA National Universal Sieger Champion - May 2015 St. Louis, MO.
2015 WUSV Universal Sieger Qualifier
2015 GSDCA USA Vice National IPO 3 Champion
2015 WUSV Combined Qualifier
2014 WUSV Qualifier
7x IPO3 High Score 291
July 19, 2014 IPO 3 - 96/98/97=291-V
V-10 in Show.
SG in the LGA -2014
V-10 in Show.

Many people, here and overseas, have contributed to produce and train this incredible dog. I am so grateful to them! Their dedication shows through him every day. 

Ayk has transitioned from IPO to PSA with me beautifully. He engages a full suit with all the power and speed of a world class competitor. Currently training for the PSA 1. 
He continues to teach me so much and is a blast to work with at home and on the field. Ayk is cool, motivated, and social. He is an admirably stable and clear headed dog. He is not a naturally aggressive dog and is great with guests, pets, livestock, and children. Trustworthy in any situation or environment. I love traveling with him and he loves to do ALL THE THINGS with the greatest enthusiasm. An all around wonderful dog. He gains fans and admirers everywhere he goes while also scaring them all just a little with his intimidating appearance. 

Ayk is available for stud service in North Carolina to select females from other breeding programs. Contact me for more information.


Jonas von Schwarz Lilie

Personal Protection Dog & Estate Guardian
OFA Fair DM Clear
DOB: 08/2009

Jonas is a powerful family companion and guardian. Bred to the original breed standard he possesses solid structure, great pigmentation, and large head complete with imposing expression. He is out of German SCHH3 titled bloodlines developed for their drive, trainability, instinct, courage, and size. 

Jonas is 70lbs of pure muscle making him ideal for work, travel, and life indoors. Ever watchful and alert, but relaxed and very affectionate in home. Jonas possesses tremendous working abilities and is a reliable and fearless guardian of farm and family. He is a focused and dedicated tracker and herder. He confidently solves difficulties in the field on his own and is a trusted livestock guardian. 

Jonas is a very civil dog and the only dog I trust 100% with my safety. In the working dog world, civil means the dog will engage a person with serious aggression, either on command or naturally. If equipment is present a civil dog will ignore the equipment and bite whatever is available or readily available, like taking a leg over a sleeve. Jonas needs no enticement or agitation to engage a threat. Jonas is highly reliable with obedience commands and posses a strong motivation to please. He is wicked smart and has always been easy to guide, teach, and train.  A true power house in protection with absolute hard grips along with tremendous fighting drive under conflict. Jonas possesses genuine concern for our entire family including our cats and livestock. Jonas is the highest level of personal protection dog and a legend among friends, family, and followers. He has been trained in off leash building search, tracking, herding, advanced obedience, and agility. He is the best canine friend a girl could ask for and my trusted personal protection dog.