My dogs are prepared and trained to be the best working companions available. Before one of my dogs is provided to a handler or family they are first trained and conditioned for the role as my very own Personal Protection Dog. I also work with other professional sport, police, and military K9 trainers to ensure my dogs meet the requirements of the fast paced modern world. Above all, each of my dogs is trained to a level that makes me feel safe no matter the threat or environment. I pass this quality and peace of mind to my clients.


The domesticated dog has been conditioned and selectively bred for thousands of years to protect livestock, property, and people. Their first interactions with humans are thought to be as watch dogs and hunting dogs. We have since developed key traits in the canis lupus familiaris to increase their mental, physical, and emotional capacity. I use German Shepherd Dogs from my own breeding program (Von Regal Oben K9) and other breeds from trusted programs in the U.S.A. I raise each one from puppyhood to ensure a social, stable, and controllable protector. I only retain select dogs and puppies with the right mental and physical capacity to be controlled and utilized in the most important ways. It is paramount that a dog be capable of following through known training commands while being engaged by a threat to ensure you and your family are protected and that the dog is easy to handle by you and it's family.


Starting from puppyhood I raise my canines as working companions. Each dog is interacted with on an individual level. I am dedicated to building a dog's confidence, drive, and focus while nurturing their nature and exposing them to the world around them. It is important that a Personal Protection Dog be comfortable in any environment, climate, and situation. While developing a dog's character and obedience skills I also condition them to reliably work in any and all environments and to be watchful and aware of their surroundings. As a dog grows and matures they are engaged in true to life scenarios where they utilize their skills and training in a fast paced and unpredictable situation.

A Trained K9 and my former breeding female catching a bite at home in a training scenario.


Because each dog I provide lives with me and my family as our personal dog, I get to know each one on a much deeper level than most protection dog trainers and providers. Each dog travels with me on business, vacations with my family, spends weekends at festivals, sleeps at the floor beside my bed, and lives inside. I do not have a kennel and keep no more than 4 dogs in my household and in training. This ensures that each dog I provide has the highest quality protection training and is easily integrated into a home and family as a well mannered and loving companion. 

A Personal Protection Dog is a family safe, readily available alternative to a security system and firearm. My dogs will alert you to the approach of a person to your home, vehicle, and property. They won't fit in your purse, but I train my dogs to accompany their handler anywhere. My goal for all dogs produced from my program is that they provide valuable peace of mind to their owner and family.

If you have any questions about obtaining a Personal Protection Dog or would like to speak to me about your specific circumstances, please feel free to contact me.

A trained K9 engages an aggressor in a Personal Protection Dog Demonstration in Winston-Salem. This person was friendly and passive to me and the K9 before his attempted attack that the dog prevented.