When looking for a puppy with specific working goals in mind I always recommend thinking long term and starting as early as possible. Remington has been trained by me to be a working companion since he arrived at 8 weeks of age. I immediately knew he was something special because of his attitude and temperament.

From day 1 with me, despite loads of yard and property to explore, other dogs to play with, cats to chase, chicken poo to eat, and goats to sniff, Remington was all about me. That has not changed and its been 4 months!!! <3 I gained a new best friend and I have loved working with him immensely, every single day. Remington is naturally focused on his handler and makes them feel very special. His focus for me has made his training and conditioning fun and natural. 

Remington is not your average service dog. What makes him stand out from the others in the industry is his training and conditioning.

Organizations that donate dogs to their recipients provide canines that were raised and trained by volunteers, often incarcerated criminals serving time in prison. After a year with volunteer raisers the largest and most reputable providers formally train their dogs for service/assistance for only 4-6 months before placing them with their person. Their recipients should also expect to wait 2 years for their dog. 

After speaking with volunteer puppy raisers for one of the largest non-profit service dog providers I learned that the vast majority of raisers have no experience prior to volunteering and most of the dogs raised ultimately do not make it into service as working companions. They are instead deferred as pets.

Training and conditioning by a professional from early puppy-hood would ensure more dogs could provide people in need with quality assistance. I hope to see more service dogs provided by professional dog trainers in the future. 

Remington's foundation is all about training and conditioning in a way that complimented his nature. This means that his behaviors are authentic, they have all been his idea and I developed them to ensure their reliability and growth to more complex behaviors. It is also important to me that Remington maintain known training with little to no dependency on audible cues or encouragement from his handler. I honestly talk to Remington very little, but everything I say is important to him and he hears it all. So, he has a healthy independence when it comes to following through with tasks and good, self motivated hunt drive. Not to mention he is affectionate and gentle. I have of course been maintaining his cuddliness :)

Based on Remington's natural and trained abilities I believe he would be a great Facility Dog, Autism Assistance Dog, Mobility Assistance Dog, Psychiatric Service Dog, and Emotional Support Animal. He would make a superb and reliable best friend to a child or young adult with disabilities. It is a very special position and Remington is an exceptional candidate. I feel so lucky to have him!

Remington can be reserved with a deposit and training can be customized to his future person's necessities. His price includes in-person handling course with me :D Also included in this price is supplemental training and handling instruction.

Remington comes from parents with Good Hips/ Normal Elbows from the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, the USA's leader in canine health testing.

If you would like more information or to schedule an appointment to meet me and Remington please give me a call! 434-326-2748

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