Service K9 in training Remington flying with me cross country on a passenger jet.


In my service dog training program dogs are trained and conditioned to assist people with physical, mental, and emotional impairments. I offer a variety of Service Dogs at Custom K9 Solutions. 


A Mobility Assistance dog is a service dog trained to assist a physically disabled person with mobility issues. Mobility tasks I currently offer: Counter balance and stability support, wheelchair pulling, carrying and picking up items, opening and closing doors, operating switches, pressing buttons, etc.


Hearing Alert Dogs are specially trained companions who aid people who are deaf or have hearing loss. Hearing dogs alert their partners to important sounds in their environment. Sounds a dog can alert to include a door knock or doorbell, smoke alarm, alarm clock, tea pot whistling, cooking timers, washer/ dryer tones, tones from vehicles or machines in reverse, telephone or cell phone ring, dropped items, and their handler's name when spoken by another. Besides alerting to trained alarms/ sounds, these dogs are especially sensitive to noises, and their handler can learn a lot about their surroundings by watching the dog’s visual cues. An example is a dog noticing when someone approaches from behind to try and get your attention.


A psychiatric service dog is a dog trained to assist their handler with a psychiatric disability such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Schizophrenia, Depression, Anxiety, and Bipolar Disorder. Task training and activity training is specialized to effectively mitigate the effects of a disabling psychiatric impairment and/or the medical treatments for such conditions. PSDs are taught specific fear/ anxiety management tasks to assist their partner during symptoms and in a situation requiring outside help. They are also taught tactile stimulation behaviors that provide vital reality affirmation and grounding when a handler summons their dog. Stimulation includes licking, nudging, and the retrieval of key items like a telephone, remote, medications, or a toy to engage their handler with play. PSDs can also be trained to "bluff" silently or audibly on command in an effort to keep strangers at bay. I offer Psychiatric Service Dogs with the following tasks: Disassociation interrupt, tactile stimulation, room clearing, deep pressure therapy, self harm alert & interrupt, blocking, and deterrent behaviors.


Autism Assistance Dogs not only receive extensive task related training but they are also conditioned for the very special role of assisting a child or adult on the Autism Spectrum. Dogs must be kind, confident, and engaging in any situation or environment. I expect dogs in my program to be an ideal blend of Psychiatric Service Dog, and therapeutic Emotional Support Animal. The tasks I offer for Autism Assistance Dogs are tactile stimulation and grounding behaviors, room clearing, deep pressure therapy, and handler tracking.


An emotional support animal is a companion animal that provides a therapeutic benefit to its owner through companionship. I train ESAs to provide emotional support and comfort to individuals with psychiatric disabilities and other mental impairments. More and more establishments are accommodating ESAs and their handlers so environmental conditioning and public access training is extremely important to the overall effectiveness of an ESA


Often, the interaction between dogs and people is a positive therapeutic experience. I train Facility Dogs to be polite and hospitable to everyone they meet. Canines in my program receive the same and conditioning as other service dogs but are provided to nursing homes, assisted living facilities, mental health and juvenile detention centers, hospitals, court houses, and rehab facilities, and women's shelters. Facility dogs must be kind, warm, and love people of all ages. Unlike other Service Dogs, Facility Dogs are trained to aid and engage many people and be accepting of all residents and welcoming to all visitors. The benefit those within a facility by engagement and specialized companion animal training. 

A service dog is a major investment of time and money. I do my very best to provide highly trained and healthy partners.

Here is what sets my dogs apart from the rest.

  • Unlike most large service dog providers, my dogs are not raised and trained by volunteers or incarcerated criminals serving time in prison. Dogs being raised in these programs are often limited to a home, office, or  penitentiary environment while dogs and puppies in my program are experiencing people of all ages, experiencing crowds, accompanying me to conferences, meetings, community events, and extensive travel. My service and assistance dogs are professionally trained and conditioned for life as a working companion from the time I hand select them at 8-10 weeks old. While using volunteers to raise and train Service Dogs is an effective way to provide dogs for free, it has it's own pitfalls. The vast majority of raisers have no experience prior to volunteering and most of the dogs raised ultimately do not make it into service as a working dog. They are instead deferred as pets.

  • Custom K9 Solutions offers personalized service. Every dog in my training program can be customized to fit their handler's needs. You are a part of the training process from beginning to end and updated on training goals via photos and video. Clients are welcome to visit as often as you like by appointment.

  • The price of my Service Dogs includes the initial set of customized equipment including leashes, a service vest or harness, collars, signage, tethering equipment, and much more. Most gear is made right here in the U.S.A. and should last for years to come. 

  • I have no breed restrictions.  If there is a certain breed of dog you want trained as your working companion I will do my best to test and select a dog that will be suitable to fit your unique circumstances. I have worked with rescue dogs, mixed breeds, purebred dogs, large dogs, and small dogs. While not every dog can be a great working dog, a great working dog can come from anywhere. 

  • I provide a one-year health guarantee for all dogs I select and train. I only acquire puppies from responsible breeders and health and temperament tested lineage. Each dog is delivered with at least a one-month supply of food and heartworm and flea/tick preventatives.

  • My waiting list is shorter than most. It is currently 12 months or less from the time your application is accepted until the time I schedule the delivery of your service dog.

  • After purchasing your service dog, there are no additional training fees associated with delivery or follow-up training for the life of your dog.  Travel, lodging, and meal expenses are the only out-of-pocket expenses your family will be responsible for. Training during delivery and follow-up training is conducted in the comfort of your home and local area. 

  • You are not required to fundraise for your service dog however, for families who are looking for ways to raise money to help pay for the cost of training and obtaining a service dog I am happy to provide a list of resources which others have found helpful.

  • I am prepared to work professionally with your school, doctor, therapist, caregiver, and extended family members to help educate those in your community about your service dog.

  • I offer free phone and email consultations/ support for as long as you own your dog. This is exceptionally valuable because I am the one that raised and trained your dog. Most organizations cannot offer you the opportunity to communicate with the person that worked with your dog. Remember, they are volunteers with occupations and obligations outside of dog training.

  • I have no age restrictions.  If a dog is an effective option for assistance, I will do my best to train to fit the needs of each individual including children and the elderly.


I have traveled domestically and internationally with service dogs in training. I love working with these special beings and love talking about current affairs and unique experiences associated with service dogs. I have worked one on one with a wide variety of handlers of all ages and of varying degrees of impairment or dog handling experience.
If you have any questions about obtaining a Mobility Assistance Dog, Autism Assistance Dog, Psychiatric Service Dog (PSD), Hearing Alert Dog, Emotional Support Animal (ESA) or would like to speak to me about your specific circumstances, please feel free to contact me.