This is what an irresponsible pet owner and a neglected dog look like. 

This dog is a victim. She tragically died at my farm in the act of killing and eating my animals. Her death is a direct result of her owner's neglect to provide appropriate training, supervision, and essential infrastructure required to keep a German Shepherd happy and healthy. This dog deserved every opportunity to live a long and happy life but she was failed by her owner. I have come to learn that this poor soul was not even a year old at the time of this brutal attack and her death.
When we add a dog to our families it is important to carefully consider if we are prepared for the responsibilities. Responsibilities owed to our dogs are more than simply food, water, and mobile uploads to social media. Not only are dog owners responsible for a dog's care and wellbeing, they are responsible for actions inflicted on other animals, people, and property.
This dog's owner is responsible for the actions which led to this dog's death and deaths, permanent disfigurements, and handicapping of over 45 ducks, chickens, and goats since she moved in around 2 and a half years ago.

Living in close proximity to the dogs residing at the corner of YMCA Camp Rd. and Marshall Smith Rd. is comparable to living amongst terrorists. When you least expect it, they attack. 

This is the first killer dog that lived at the residence of Heather Dale Boyles. In this photo it is eating my buff orpington in Heather Dale Boyles's front yard. In May 2015, while I was away buying food for my birds this dog came to my home and killed over 25 of them. It brought many of them back to Heather Dale Boyles house, devouring them in her front yard. I arrived at my home to a scene that is painful to recall.
Dozens of dead and dying ducks and chickens were scattered all over my yard, my porch, in the bushes, and in my driveway. I screamed at the dog and it had no effect. I went inside and got a pistol and fired, but did not shoot this dog. Even though I had the legal right to do so, I don't kill animals. I would come to regret this decision over the next several months. 
Animal Control and the Sheriff were called but because the dog had returned to its home, the property at the corner of Marshall Smith and YMCA Camp Rd there was nothing Animal Control could do. Both the Sheriff Deputies and the Animal Control Officer told me to kill it the next time it stepped foot on my property. The entire ordeal was well documented and Heather was made aware of the incident via Animal Control. She and/or her partner were also liable for reimbursing me for my dead friends and they did. 
Heather Dale Boyles left the dismembered carcasses this dog brought back in her front yard for days. The buzzards are the ones that finally took them. I watched from my front porch. It was a traumatic experience for me, my family, and my birds, all of whom were raised from hatch day in my home. Seeing their bodies laying across her yard for so long was sick and heartbreaking.

But this was just the beginning of my encounters with Heather Dale Boyles and her dogs. Over the next few months there were countless quick visits by this dog where he would catch one, sometimes 2 chickens, kill it and take it home. On one occasion Heather came to my home to tell me her dog got out again, got another one of my chickens, and asked me if she could look for the dog here. It was already on its way home with my bird. I went to her house to try and save my chicken but it was too late. At her house she jokingly told me I would have to teach her new German Shepherd puppy not to kill my animals. I wanted to vomit and scream. I said nothing. There was one more massacre where over 25 more animals were killed or mauled in the night by one of her dogs that dug into my chicken coop. Included in this attack were ducks, chickens, a Nigerian Dwarf Goat that was killed and another that was mauled and left permanently disfigured. Her face and neck were so swollen she could not eat or walk on her own and was covered in puncture wounds and lacerations. I was sure she was going to die but she pulled through. Flower is her name and she still has ghastly scars from her experience with Heather Dale Boyles's dog. Heather and her partner appeared to make little to no effort to ensure no further attacks took place. My animals were picked off one by one until her partner moved out and took this dog with him.

FINALLY! The reign of terror was over! The entire neighborhood breathed a sigh of relief and relaxed. All of us were worried about our animal's safety day and night prior to this. 

Below is a gallery of some of the animals killed by dogs in Heather Dale Boyles's care. Many of these animals moved with my family from Virginia and had been with us for years. Others were young and just starting their lives.

Nigerian Dwarf Goat, Bantam Cochin, Khaki Campbells, Pekings, Rouen Ducks, English Lavender Orpingtons, English BBS Orpingtons, Buff Orpingtons, Americaunas, Blue Laced Red Wyandottes, Splash Laced Red Wyandottes, Easter Eggers, French Blue Copper Marans, French Black Copper Marans.

None of these animals should have died. They were safe in their pens or in my yard when they were attacked and killed and eaten. The direct result of irresponsible dog owners who neglected to train and appropriately care for their dog. My husband even gave them advice on training methods and infrastructure to keep their dog at home. Their dog still continued to hunt my pets.

Dead Khaki Campbells, seen as ducklings in the first two gallery photos. The lone surviving duck is permanently handicapped but living happily with my surviving goats and identifies as one after losing all his siblings.

Dead Khaki Campbells, seen as ducklings in the first two gallery photos. The lone surviving duck is permanently handicapped but living happily with my surviving goats and identifies as one after losing all his siblings.

#ChickenLivesMatter #GoatLivesMatter #DuckLivesMatter #DogLivesMatter #AllLivesMatter #JusticefortheDead

Months passed and I slowly started to heal from the trauma and horror endured dealing with Heather Dale Boyles and her dog. I carefully started putting my flock back together in May 2017. I hatched chicks from eggs my friends gave me and invested in new adult birds to maintain my goals for healthy chickens and colorful eggs. Life was peaceful here all spring, summer, and fall for my goats and birds.
Meanwhile, at the corner of Marshall Smith Rd. and YMCA Camp Rd. things were very sad for the dog living there under Heather Dale Boyles's care. Her dog was left outside all day every day in inclement weather and summer heat. I felt terribly for this German Shepherd but minded my own business as she was no bother to me and mine except for the constant horn honking on YMCA Camp Rd. All was well until I was driving home in wet conditions a couple months ago and Heather Dale Boyles's dog jumped out onto the road at my car from an unseen location in the ditch. I swerved and hydroplaned for what felt like an eternity. I thought I was going to sail right over the cliff. (Exactly how another vehicle crashed not long before. Single vehicle, rollover crash off the cliff, right in front of Heather Dale Boyles's house. Heather Dale Boyles was the first person on the scene and her mother told me at the scene it was because she ran outside assuming her dog was in the road and caused an accident.) After I regained control of my vehicle and made it home safely I immediately called Stokes County Sherriff's Office and was referred to Animal Control. I called animal control, told them about what happened to me, told them that the dog is in the road and chasing cars all day every day and was in danger of getting run over or causing an accident. Animal Control documented my call and told me they would make contact with the owner, Heather Dale Boyles. I have to assume they did however nothing changed for this dog and she continued to stalk and strike out at cars on the road constantly. I minded my own business until one night the dog struck out into the road in front of an oncoming car. That car veered into my lane to avoid the dog, almost causing a head on collision. I immediately called 911. A deputy from the Sheriff's office called me after i spoke with dispatch. He told me to call Animal Control first thing in the morning. I did. I shared my experience with them again. ALSO, because a few of my neighbors had informed me that they've seen this dog coming out of my property, across the creek, and up the cliff, I also told Animal Control that I was worried about the safety of my pets because I had already gone round and round with Heather Dale Boyles and and her killer dogs before. I was again promised by Animal Control that they would make contact with the dog's owner - Heather Dale Boyles. I have to assume they did, however nothing changed for this dog's living situation and she remained outside, at large, in traffic.

How can someone sit in their home and ignore the honking horns and ignore their dog jumping into the road at cars inches from their front yard and just a couple meters from their home all day and night? There is only one answer. She didn't care.

This neglect spiraled out of control on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday as Heather Dale Boyles's dog was spotted by my husband at our home late at night and in the early morning while letting my dogs outside to go potty. Each time the dog was chased off with yelling, gunfire, or one of my dogs. One of those times there was a person in Heather Dale Boyles's yard and he put the dog in a pen after one of these encounters. All of this came to a head on Sunday, December 17th 2017.

I was outside at my chicken coop in the late afternoon, an hour before sundown. I let my chickens out of the coop to forage in the yard where I could supervise and hang out with them on my walk before dusk when they go back into the coop on their own. I left them and went inside my house to grab my bottle baby goats for a walk and my camera to take some pictures of them. I walked out onto the porch and immediately heard my chickens sounding the alarm and lots of rustling in the leaves. My husband asked what was going on outside and I ran into the yard for a better look and Heather Dale Boyles poor neglected dog was making a meal out of my pets. I screamed and my husband came outside. I yelled and cried at him that a dog was killing my chickens and then I started running towards my coop to get everyone else up before it killed more. I stopped half way and took pictures of the attack for Animal Control to document because I would definitely be calling, and my husband came up to me and screamed at the dog. The dog was in drive and relentless. My husband fired warning shots to see if that would work. It didn't so he shot and killed the killer dog, a truly traumatic event for us both. We should have never been put in that position and it was the last thing either of us wanted to experience. 

It was Heather Dale Boyles's responsibility to keep her dog safe, likewise its my responsibility to keep my pets and my client's pets safe. That is exactly what my husband Sean Scott did and he is truly my hero for doing so.

Heather Dale Boyles's prior actions (and lack of actions) proved that no amount of direct or indirect communication would have prevented this dog from dying as a direct result of her neglect either on the road at the expense of someone's vehicle and possibly their physical health or on my farm for killing my pets. Not eradicating this killer dog on Sunday wile in the act would have inevitably escalated to more loss of life from my pets over time. Once a dog kills chickens they'll do it again the very next chance they get. I experienced this first hand with the other killer dog that resided with Heather Dale Boyles on the corner of Marshall Smith Rd. and YMCA Camp Rd. How many of my animals should die so Heather Dale Boyles can pretend to be a good dog owner on social media? The answer should be 0 but currently its somewhere around 55 or more.

Shortly after Heather Dale Boyles's dog was killed she and her partner pull into our driveway. After being yelled at by Taylor Gray the Sheriff's officers pulled in the driveway. Heather Dale Boyles and Taylor Gray talked to them first then Sean and I talked to them. They observed the scene and informed Heather Dale Boyles and Taylor Gray that we had every right to kill their dog and were completely justified in the action.

North Carolina Statutes- Dog Laws

This dog's death was truly tragic and I fully support #JusticeforWinnie. Justice for this dog that was guilty of no more than following through with behaviors expected from neglected, untrained, and unsupervised outdoor dogs would be holding Heather Dale Boyles accountable for the events that led to this attack and her dog's death. I encourage my fellow breeders, especially German Shepherd breeders to make a note of her and her current partner's name Taylor Gray. Placing a dog with either of them is not in the best interest of any dog or puppy. This was Heather Dale Boyles second German Shepherd within two years.

Heather Dale Boyles privately shared this FALSE post on social media. Not only does it completely omit the fact that her dogs have killed any of my animals but it also fails to include any responsibility for her dog's actions. It also goes on to accuse Sean and me of shooting the dog six times and killing one of her other dogs! That dog was another one constantly in the roads and then one day he wasn't. Heather Dale Boyles mother, Loretta Boyles came to my house looking for this dog and I relished the opportunity to give her an earful about responsible pet ownership. She informed me she thought it was cruel to not let dogs run at large. My hope is that this dog somehow found a more responsible owner but the reality is that he was probably hit by a car and killed. A direct result of Heather Dale Boyles neglect and a perfect example of her deferring blame onto other people. 

Once this post was made public and sharable she finally elaborated on *some* truths and in comments began encouraging people to look us up and begin defaming my professional profiles on Google and Facebook for over 72 hours which they did, including her mother Loretta Boyles.

I have hired an attorney and am working closely with him to pursue damages from Heather Dale Boyles's attempts to defame my professional reputation. If you have involved yourself by posting defamatory comments, reviews, questions, or any other type of online correspondence I encourage you to re-evaluate what those are worth to you and if you want to meet me in person in my local court. 

*UPDATE 12/31/2017*
My Attorney has made contact with Heather Dale Boyles and the above post has been unpublished. 
At this time it appears she is in compliance with my Attorney's requests.
All future attempts made by persons online or otherwise to defame or slander my professional profiles will suggest otherwise and will be used as evidence in a defamation case against Heather Dale Boyles in Stokes County Superior Court should I choose to pursue litigation.
If you have any questions about the incident that occurred on December 17th, 2017 please refer to the Stokes County Sheriff's Department: 
If you have any questions about other interactions and encounters with Heather Dale Boyles and the dogs that have resided at the corner of Marshall Smith Rd and YMCA Camp Road please contact the Stokes County Animal Control Office at

- Krista Scott
Owner and Operator of Custom K9 Solutions & Triad Pet Photography &