Working Service Dogs, Personal Protection Dogs, Emotional Support Animals, Therapy Dogs, and Family Companions are available on occasion and of varying breeds. Available dogs and puppies on this page can be reserved for you and trained to your needs & preferences with a deposit OR purchased outright to be finished by you and your trainer.
If you don't see the type of dog you are looking for a Custom K9 can be trained for you. Contact me to learn more about working companions and program details.


Eliza von Watcher Engel “Lexi” CGC, BN, RN, CD, BH
German Shepherd Female
Born March 2012

*Courtesy posting of this highly trained, trustworthy K9 from a fellow dog trainer and breeder’s program. Located in Stoneville, NC*

Lexi has had an extensive career as a competitive training partner and as a wonderful mother to 4 litters at Big Rock K9 in Stoneville, NC. She has lots of potential to offer her new handler as she retires from breeding and transitions to a new family as a reliable and dedicated companion.

Lexi has had extensive obedience training. She will do a flashy focused heel, will retrieve, down stay, sit stay, etc, etc, both on and off leash. She is an ideal candidate for someone looking to jump into AKC Obedience with or someone that wants their pet have the very best training and manners possible. Lexi is ready to take her new handler into the obedience ring and make you look good while having lots of fun, or turn heads at the pet store or park. She would be great for a youth handler or first time handler that is ready to get out there asap! Lexi has had extensive tracking training and may excel in search and rescue or other types of trailing or nose work. 

Lexi is confident, social, and trustworthy in all environments. She is a great house dog, loves to ride, and is wonderfully outgoing with new people, children, small livestock, and horses. Lexi is a wonderful horse-trail dog at a walk but can get a little too excited at a trot or canter. Lexi has protection training. She can be asked to bark at a person on command and has experience biting the sleeve. She would be a superb deterrent dog for her next person.

Lexi’s owner is not in a rush to re-home this special girl and will be selective in order to find her the ideal new home. It is of the utmost importance to Lexi’s owners that her new handler love her as much as they do. Lexi is only available with an in person handling course from her current trainer to ensure you know exactly how to use her extensive training in any situation, to her full potential.

Lexi has OFA Good hips and Normal elbows and will leave with a spay contract. Lifelong support from her previous owner will also be provided.
For more information about Lexi or obtaining her as your new companion please contact Rebecca Prow: or at 919-879-4107


Neo: Personal Protection Dog, Protection Sport Prospect
Belgian Malinois Male
Born August 2017

Neo comes from a long lineage of highly successful PSA competitors and possesses some of the very best qualities the breed has to offer. His genetic gifts have been nurtured with care and he is a social and lovable young dog. He is confident in any environment, well traveled, trustworthy with cats and livestock, and is fun to have as part of my household. Neo is neutral to other dogs but can become a pest during playtime. Because of this he best suited in a home as the only dog or with a dog that is extremely patient.

Neo has advanced level obedience training, on and off leash. He has high food and toy drive and is happy to follow through with training or learn new things for both. He is confident in all environments and can be reckless and rambunctious inside if not told to chill. He is great on leash and lots of fun to take out and about.

Neo really shines in protection work. He comes in fast and hits hard with beautiful, calm grips. He could make someone a really nice sport dog. In fact, his breeder tried so hard to reclaim him for himself after seeing him excel that it caused a huge rift and ended our relationship. It also resulted in a dispute between us and I don’t anticipate ever receiving Neo’s AKC paperwork. Unfortunately, this limits the sports and events Neo can participate in without being neutered. To participate in AKC events and some protection sports (not PSA) he will have to be altered first. I prefer to not alter healthy dogs but this is an option for his next owner. To reflect this regrettable situation Neo is being sold at a discount despite his enormous potential, training, and natural ability. Neo is a very nice dog and will make someone a reliable companion and protector.

His price includes delivery and handling course. Neo can also be trained to fit your specific needs. If you are interested in having him join your family and would like more information please feel free to contact me. Contact Krista


K9 Karma: Mobility Assistance Dog, PTSD Dog, Deterrent Dog, Urban Musher, Bridle Trail Dog.
German Shepherd Female
 years old

Highly Trained, Multi Purpose K9 Karma is a very special girl that is immediately ready to work for you or your family as an accomplished service dog, deterrent dog, and devoted companion. Professionally trained as my personal companion from puppyhood, Karma is reliable and easy to handle at all times. She is affectionate, well mannered, playful, athletic, fearless, and possesses exceptional handler focus in any environment. She is a superb travel companion with extensive public access training. She has flown with me many times domestically and internationally. Karma is great with people of all ages, other dogs, poultry, horses, and cats. She will be a great asset to someone in need of a partner to provide security and aid in the mitigation of their disability. Karma is available as a service dog or as a family guardian.

UPDATE Karma has bonded to her new handler and works hard every day to keep her safe and healthy. Karma's tasks include tactile stimulation during disassociation, searching and clearing rooms where handler hallucinates a presence, alerting family (barks) when handler attempts self harm, deep pressure therapy and/or tactile stimulation during onset of psychosis, active engagement and/or comfort provided during psychotic episodes or instances of high emotion.

Karma exercising with her new handler.

Karma exercising with her new handler.

Karma with her new handler and extended family including her three labrador sisters.

Karma with her new handler and extended family including her three labrador sisters.

RESERVED - In Service Dog Training

Independence (Indie)
Service Dog in Training: Mobility Assistance, Emotional Support
AKC Registered Bernese Mountain Dog Female
Available Fully Trained July 2018  

Indy is the newest addition to my service dog training program. She is the sweetest silly little puppy and I just can't get enough of her. This baby has a big job ahead of her. She is a happy girl and highly motivated in training. I love working with her.
She is currently developing reliable handler focus with me and the foundations for all future task training. 
Indy's task training will include bracing and counter balance assistance, aid in rising from the floor, retrieval of dropped and indicated items, carrying objects from person to handler and handler to person, and assistance in the removal of clothing. 
I am also hopeful she will learn tasks associated with psychiatric service dog work.
While in training Indy will also receive extensive public access training and learn behaviors essential for any service dog. These behaviors include heeling, automatic tucking, maintaining handler focus, advanced obedience, using the bathroom on command, and ignoring inquirers or fans. 
Indy is expected to be 80lbs-90lbs at maturity and should easily accommodate large and small handlers. She is also expected to have a medium to low energy level and should be well suited for someone with the same energy type.

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Ike Von Regal Oben - Service Dog

Mobility Assistance, Psychiatric Service Dog, & Deterrent Dog
German Shepherd Male  

Ike is out of my "I" Litter, from Karma and Ayk born 04/17. He is an exemplary specimen for the breed in every way. I could not be more pleased with him and proud of my breeding program for producing him. Ike is confident, social, outgoing, and highly motivated for service dog training and conditioning. 
He is neutral to other dogs and animals, confident in new environments, and has developed strong handler focus. He has a superior work ethic and learned foundations to task training quickly.
Ike's task training includes bracing and counter balance assistance, aid in rising from the floor, tactile stimulation, deep pressure therapy, home search, handler trailing/tracking, deterrent dog training, watching handler's back and surroundings, and leading handler to exits when asked.
Ike received extensive public access training and learned behaviors essential for any service dog. These behaviors include heeling, automatic tucking, maintaining handler focus, advanced obedience, using the bathroom on command, and ignoring inquirers or fans. He also receive deterrent dog training and will bark at a target on command.
Update on Ike: He has been delivered and is working with his new handler in CO. Pictures of him with in his new role (his handler requested privacy) can be seen below.

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AKC Labrador Retriever Male

  • Promptly retrieves ANY dropped object into an open hand.

  • Assists in the removal of clothing including jackets and socks.

  • Attentive to handler on and off leash, in any environment.

  • 100% House broken and crate trained.

  • Feather light on the leash, has superb manners.

  • Motivated and happy to work and play at all times.

  • Superior travel companion by car, bus, plane, or train.

  • Fully Obedience Trained

    Not only is Remington exceptionally motivated in training and enjoys learning assistance tasks, he is naturally calm, kind, and very in-tune with his handler. His training equips him for a wide range of roles. His character and temperament suggest he be a superb candidate for a child, teen, or young adult with a disability.

Learn more about Remington >>>


Honey Von Regal Oben
Pet Trained AKC Registered German Shepherd Female      

Honey is from Von Regal Oben's "H" Litter, from Furiousa and Ayk's born 10/16. She is a super sweet and motivated puppy. Honey has developed handler focus and thrives on love, attention, and play time.
Its been so much fun teaching her about the world around her and the important foundations to training. Honey has obedience training, potty training, crate training, appropriate socialization, and drive development (food and toy). She loves to play with toys, brings them back to play tug and can be with them without destroying them. I hope that last a good long time, but it probably won't LOL. Honey likes doing things. All things. She has been exposed to a variety of people, places, and things, and is ready for more. She is confident, social and ready to start integrating into a family, lifestyle, or training program that needs a special dog. She would be a great fit as a family companion, Personal Protection Dog, IPO or PSA competitor, AKC competitor, Service Dog, ESA, or foundation female for a quality breeding program. Honey is great with cats, livestock, and other dogs. She is happy, social, and ready to accompany you anywhere. 

Obedience Training. On and Off Leash
House Training
Good leash manners.
Great indoor manners.
Motivated and happy to work and play at all times.
Used to riding in vehicles
Well Socialized and friendly
Good with cats, chickens, and goats.
Fully Vaccinated and Vet Checked  
2 Year Hip/ Health Guarantee from Von Regal Oben K9

Price includes shipping within the Continental US, Canada, and Mexico.
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Freyja - Personal Protection Dog in Training
German Shepherd Female
DOB: 02/2016

  • Basic Obedience Trained, on and off leash.

  • 100% House broken and crate trained.

  • Great on leash.

  • Motivated to work and play with her handler at anytime.

  • Used to travel, great in the car and new locations.

  • Appropriately Socialized with other dogs and people.

  • Started bite work.

  • Great with cats, livestock, and other pets.

Freyja was named after the Norse Goddess of love and battle. Freyja is a beautiful, loyal, warrior companion that bonds strongly with her person. While in training with me she has blossomed into a bright, affectionate, and fierce companion. She is aloof towards strangers but easily handled by others in the household, the veterinarian, and the groomer. She will naturally be skeptical of guests to your home. She will warm up to those who take time to play with her, but not right away. Freyja has been to indoor and outdoor events, bars, downtown, parks, etc. Most people never even know I have her with me. I often place her beside a chair or under a table and tell her to stay. She will not take food from other people, she will not react to them trying to call her, she won't even play with them. She absolutely will not move until I come back for her. 

She LOVES the water. Swims with confidence, jumps right in when I let her.

Freyja's natural temperament and character are what make her so special and an asset to anyone looking for a well mannered companion, guardian, and future 24/7 bouncer. She makes her handler feel really special. Her complete devotion is unconditional. She is a beautiful guard girl that is still cool for the vet, the groomer, and although leery of others, she is quiet on walks. Freyja is wonderful in the house and loves to be by my side or on my feet. Great and lazy but always alert. SHE DOES NOT MISS A THING. Freyja is good with cats, chickens, goats, and other dogs. If you are looking to improve your personal and home security as soon as your dog arrives this is the girl for you! If you are interested in learning more about Freyja feel free to call or email >>> CONTACT


Banjo has turned into a gorgeous young male German Shepherd that is doing great for his family and advancing through protection training. 4 Months after joining his family, he came back and spent a couple weeks here for some bite work. He did GREAT! Can't wait to see him again soon!


Banjo - Completed Puppy Training Program
Von Regal Oben German Shepherd Male (Jonas x Karma)

  • 100% House broken and crate trained.

  • Great on the leash, has superb manners.

  • Motivated and happy to work and play at all times.

  • Superior travel companion. Has traveled extensively

  • Fully Obedience Trained. On and Off Leash

  • Well Socialized and friendly

  • Good with cats, chickens, and goats.

    I had an awesome summer with this big guy! Banjo (lovingly named by his family) was the piglet of the bunch and quickly became the largest puppy in Karma's litter. He was sometimes too round to do much more than sleep. That is ancient history and Banjo has blossomed into a really nice male puppy. He was a delight to teach and train and we went just about everywhere together at least once. While in my training program Banjo received obedience training, crate training, manners training, leash training, retrieval training, was well socialized and began the basics of bite work. He was also a great travel buddy and good for grooming and the veterinarian. He is from Jonas and Karma's June 2015 litter and finished Puppy Training at 4 months of age.


SOLD Minneapolis, MN
K9 Lacy: Personal Protection Dog, Mobility Assistance Dog,
TDI Certified Therapy Dog
German Shepherd Female     

SERVICE & SECURITY TRAINED K9 Lacy: This gorgeous girl is immediately ready to work for you or your family as an accomplished service dog, personal protection dog, and loving family companion. Professionally trained from puppyhood, Lacy is reliable and easy to handle at all times. She is an affectionate, well mannered pet that is also a fearless protection dog and dedicated service dog in any environment. She has been trained to alert to smoke detectors, is a superb travel companion, and a reliable sentry and guardian everywhere she goes. Lacy is great with children, other dogs, livestock, poultry, horses, and cats. She is certain to be a great asset to any household and lifestyle. In-person handling course and service and security equipment is included. Shipping is available. CLICK TO LEARN MORE


SOLD Charlotte, NC
Elsa von Regal Oben      
German Shepherd Female    
Age: 4 months


This female is super sweet, outgoing, and thrives on love and attention. She will follow you anywhere and through anything as fast as her puppy legs will take her. She is a beautiful puppy that looks just like her mother. This puppy is from our final Lacy von Regal Oben x Jonas von Schwarz Lilie breeding. If you have a job in mind for your future dog or want to add an exceptional companion to your family this puppy is for you.




SOLD Winston-salem, NC
Scarlet von Regal Oben      
German Shepherd Female    
Age: 4 months


This tough little lady has a great future ahead of her! She follows me everywhere and has great manners. She is very polite everywhere we go and has superb focus on her handler. This puppy is from our final Lacy von Regal Oben x Jonas von Schwarz Lilie breeding. 



SOLD Jacksonville, NC
Doberman Pinscher Male    
AGE: 5 months

Ruger is a happy and laid back Blue & Rust Doberman Pinscher Puppy. He is absolutely stunning and is a joy to have in training and in our home. He is polite and considerate to all he meets and to our home.
Ruger is a people pleaser and very affectionate. He is truly a delight!
His training and good manners were put to the test on 5-20-14 where he was evaluated and passed the AKC's Canine Good Citizen Test at only 4 months old, earning his official CGC title. WOW! Ruger is an exceptional puppy and is sure to be an amazing dog. Ruger needs very little exercise to satisfy him, but is always ready to accompany you anywhere! 

He loves going for walks, playing with us and our cats, adult dogs, and younger puppies too. Ruger has been in crowds of both people and dogs and is always completely at ease. His kind, laid back, and people pleasing attitude suggest he be perfect for work as a certified therapy dog when old enough to be evaluated. 

Ruger is suitable for any level handler and is sure to be a well mannered, loving, and devoted canine companion. 

Ruger has also started basic protection training and is currently on the puppy sleeve.


SOLD Washington, DC
Dahlia von Regal Oben (Dolly)      
German Shepherd Female    


This little lady is out of my 2014 Jonas x Lacy breeding. She is sweet and social with the perfect amount of spunk and motivation for more advanced training. She has always sought out love and attention from the time she was 4 weeks old. She is doing well in crate/ house training and obedience training. She does well in the car and is happy to meet new people very politely everywhere she goes. Our veterinarian wants to know how I trained her to be a licker and not a biter like most puppies, and it just comes naturally to her :) 

She is a happy and generally low-key puppy. She is naturally alert and aware of her surroundings but doesn't feel the need to investigate everything or be constantly stimulated. She is content just hanging out with her people or our other pets. Medium drive, medium energy level. 



SOLD Bozeman, MT
Terra from the southland      

Terra has been with me since she was just a few weeks old. She is from Southland Dog Sports and joined my training program and family motivated to learn and eager to please. Now, at 8 months old she is training in advanced off leash obedience, excelling in protection work, and showing incredible determination and drive while being a sweet, social, and growing, puppy. Terra is very smart and enjoys training. She a high drive puppy and motivated to give everything 110%. Terra is always up for a physical or mental challenge.

Terra respects puppy gates and is great at staying off the furniture and away from counter tops. Terra is a very social dog while out and about. She adores meeting new people and we come across admirers everywhere we go.

Terra is a born protection/sport dog. She has phenomenal endurance and a well developed bite. She has not been taught to out yet. She latched onto a bite suit at 3 months old.

My favorite things about Terra are the things that cannot be taught or trained. The first being Terra is naturally very aware of her surroundings and always soaking up information. Wether in a car, a parking lot, hotel, park, etc, Terra is surveying what is going on around her with confidence. She has been put through many different types of scenario based protection exercises and has never backed down from a new challenge. I love how versatile this puppy is and the effort she puts into whatever is being asked of her.  

Although Terra is truly an impressive female puppy I have decided to part with her because she isn't the best fit for my breeding program. She has a lot of energy and posses the potential to be a real competitor on the sport field and is well on her way to being a formidable personal protection dog. The sky is the limit with this girl! Further training and support is always available.


The most important requirement for all of the canines I offer for sale is that they possess excellent health and an appropriate temperament for their future as a pet or working dog.

From this foundation I develop the dog's workability and versatility for the tasks they will be appointed to. German Shepherd Dogs and Puppies are available from my breeding program. I have 1 litter per year typically in spring or summer.  
Other breeds are acquired from trusted breeder's programs in the USA. Training programs are limited in size to ensure each dog receives the dedication and personal attention necessary to guarantee a high level of training and continued reliability. 
Consistent one-on-one training and individualized conditioning is paramount to any dogs' success.

Young, Trained Dogs are available throughout the year & Fully Trained Adult Dogs are available occasionally. Contact me for availability.

All dogs on this page are available for pick-up, delivery, or can be shipped unless indicated as SOLD. This page is updated daily.

Contact me today to learn more about any of the canines below. 434-326-2748